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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 23, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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developing news out of contra costa county, at least 3 people have been shot and 1 of them is dead. >> >> i'm ken wayne >> and i'm heather holmes. >> >> we begin with that developing news. one person dead, 2 others injured, following that shooting. john is live at the scene and he joins us from the city of oakley with more on this developing news. john? >> reporter: heather, we are standing in a parking lot off
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laurel, a white s.u.v., a sheriff's s.u.v. and on the other side ax black sedan that has 1 dead shooting vic tip inside. investigators saying little but they cattily people were shot, 1 is dead and the others were rushed to the hospital. they are giving no details about the victim, but a couple of nearby residents say the deceased is the father of a small child and a possible gang member. residents added this shooting could have been the retaliation for a shooting that happened early in june that killed an oakley resident down the street from here. a 19-year-old man is in custody with connection with that killing. there is a report that the pry mary gunman in tonight's shooting has been arrested, but that is still unconfirmed, once again, 3 people have been shot here in oakley. three people are dead. ktvu channel "2 news."
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firefighters battled a wind whipped brush fire. it starts at 2:30 on the south side of instate 580. fire burned about 70 aer ises before firefighters had it under control, there is no word of any injuries or structures damaged and the cause of the fire has not yet been announced. >> >> fire officials in union city investigating a brush fire that happened earlier this evening. ktvu was there as firefighters got to the scene just before 7:00 along the southbound lanes. crews put the flames out in minutes. those structures were threatened and no 1 was hurt. >> >> fire investigators say the fire at the roth more retirement complex began near a stove. a fire marshall said that the cause is undetermined, but the flame started in the kitchen of unit number 4. yesterday, fire destroyed 8 units, deplacing more than a dozen people, most of them seniors.
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so far, it appears the building did meet up a safety codes. >> >> learning more about the latest arrest in the beating of giants fan brian stowe. tips about 2 aggressive fans at dodge are's staid jump at the season opener lead investigators to the suspect. lieuy sanchez and marvin norwood. doreen sanchez fit the description of the woman driving at the time. the 3 suspects are said to be formally charged on monday. >> >> 2 young men in custody for a shooting that left an 11-year- old san francisco girl critical condition. san francisco police say the men are 18 or 19 years old, but have not released their names, the girl was hit by a bullet fired from outside of her apartment. >> >> reporter: eric holt described the scene for investigators this morning, the
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moment he heard gunshots fired around 11:00 last night. >> it was so loud and sudden, i was went deaf. >> reporter: 2 bullets struck his apartment, 1 went through the bedroom window. his 11-year-old niece was inside, listening to her i pod. >> she came running out saying "i have been shot." >> reporter: the bullet struck her in the chest. her uncle said she is in critical condition surviving surgery. >> we don't know who is behind this. we don't know if they accidentally did it or intentionally wanted to hurt somebody. >> reporter: 1 neighbor that didn't want to go on camera for safety reasons said just before the shooting happened, she looked out her window at a park across the street. she heard group of teens, gunfire rang out and the teens ran away. investigators came by this
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morning to return to the scene of the accident. >> i'm kind of surprised because it went to somebody's window. that could have been my house. >> reporter: he is anxious to leave what he describes as a violent neighborhood. >> quite a few killings and a murder, even on this 1 block alone. >> reporter: meantime, a candidate for san francisco sheriff spoke to us today about the shooting. the supervisor said he has seen a surge in violent crime in the western edition, the district he represents and he believes the lack of jobs and services may be contributing to the problem. >> i think we are losing 17-26- year-old crowd, especially if they are repeat offenders. not giving them something to do then it doesn't surprise me that something like this happened. >> he says the shooting and others like it should ab wakeup call to come 1 new ways to try to keep young people away from
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street violence >> a san francisco man facing charges of homicide and arson in the case of a man found dead in a popular park. officers arrested david diaz this morning, 6 weeks after discovering the burned body of a man inside of a recycling bin at bueana vista park. he was dead before the fire was set. no word on the possible motive or if there are any other suspects. >> >> a palo alto family is dead after a car crash during a trip to canada. they rule died yesterday afternoon in british columbia. authorities say the family camper collided with a fuel tangor truck, causing the tanker to explode the truck driver escaped without injury. >> >> we are learning more about the norwegian man who admitted to the deadly bombing in oslo.
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he describes himself on face book as a conservative christian who opposes muslim immigration in norway and called the killings, necessary. he set off a massive car bomb that killed 7 other people. authorities believe he converted 6-tons of fertilizer he bought for his farm in explosives. he then armed himself with an automatic weapon and went to a labor party youth camp where he systemically hunted down his victims. >> people were running and some people started to scream and we got to the boat, and he started to fire rounds in the water and the boat -- >> it took authorities more than an hour and a half to
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reach the youth camp. he immediately surrendered when confronting by police. police are still trying to determine if he acted alone. tonight, in osl o, a candlelight vigil in response to those killed in the attack. >> >> music lovers are remembering grammy award winner amy winehouse, casey siegel hopes that more focus on her music than her struggles. >> reporter: she rose to fame with her sophomore album "back to black." british singer, amy wine house more on the acclaimed artists selling millions of albums, winning 5-gramly awards and kicking off the british tend of
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retro soul and r & b, but at the young age of 27, she was found dead in other london apartment. suspected drug overdose. i would like to say that no post moretem has taken place and the cause of death should not be speculated on. >> reporter: wide range of addiction, from chain smoking to crack cocaine threatened to overshadow her music career. >> & & i don't want to go to rehab & & i'm saying no, no & & >> reporter: for many, her song rehab summed up her public persona. >> she was 27 when she died. joining the club with a lot of other music stars that died at the same age. janice joplin, jimi hendrix.
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>> reporter: wine house's friends taking to twitter after the news of her death broke. >> >> usher writing "i'm so sad to hear the horrible news of amy wine house' death. i'm so happy i knew you, amy, rest well, gone too soon, we'll miss you." >> reporter: those close to her say she appeared to insure good health, but she had to cancel a recent comeback tour after an erratic performance where she appeared to intoxicated to perform properly. an autopsy scheduled for sunday. amy winehouse dead at the age of 27. >> >> winehouse was only 2 albums into her career. former bay area dj talked about wine house's music appeals to so many. >> she was able to tap into feelings and emotions. >> >> to be able to hear something
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so deep and real, i think she was able to connect to people's pain and suffering, unfortunately, we got to see that happen with her. >> >> reporter: wine house had not released an album in 5 years. >> >> new york is 1 hour into a new era, same sex weddings began at midnight east coast time. on the news that the state would allow gay mare religion. new york city set up a lottery. 764 weddings will take place sunday, which would be a record. a couple who won that lottery say they worked hard for the right to mary. >> more something that we dreamed about. we pushed so hard. we pushed really hard, rallied for it. >> reporter: the new york, the sixth and largest state to support same sex marriage. there is an estimate that it holds more than 65,000 gay and lesbian couples. >> >> the government is cutting
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off money to airports all over. who is affected and how it can make some airline tickets cheaper. >> >> the debt showdown comes down to the wire. why a bay area congressman said the united states will not default. >> >> take a look at this, 1 last chance to enjoy the snow in the sierra. how much snow the area saw this season. 10:00 news continues in 902nds. >> >> .
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mon ya' has officially run out for the federal aviation area and at least 1 airport will feel the pinch. live at oakland airport for what it means for workers and passengers, eric? >> reporter: when congress let funding expire at midnight, it put future construction projects in jeopardy here in oakland. believe it or not, that means no airline ticket taxes for the time being. some people say they have saved $20 more but it all comes at the expense of thousands of faa workers. planes won't stop flying in and out of oakland, but it's the 1 bay area airport that could feel the impact of a partial should down of the faa. oakland was set to get nearly $3 million in grants for critical construction projects, including pavement work along the run ways, but now that money is up in the air. >> very much like the debt
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limit. holding the whole air system hostage. >> reporter: congressman george miller blamed republicans for failing to allow a short term extension to fund the faa. in california it means more than 200 faa employees could face furloughs, while that does not include air traffic controllers, future construction projects are in jeopardy at 19 airports across the state, including oakland, los angeles, sacramento, even smaller airports in monterrey and crescent city. >> projects mid-construction, mid-improvement. now, they have stopped. they are going to be moreexpensive. >> reporter: miller said he and other lawmakers will continue to reach a deal on monday. >> we have the best aviation system in the world. this is the not the way to run it. >> reporter: as for the expired taxes, finding a cheap ticket might not be all that easy, after all some airlines have
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reportedly already started to raise their prices to off set any savings for customer. we are live here in oakland, erics are musen, ktvu news. >> >> there are 9 days left until the u.s. defaults, tonight, no decision about the debt ceiling. president obama urged congress to do the right thing. >> we can come together for the good of the country and reach a compromise. or, we can issue insults and demands and ultimate tunnels to each other, withdraw to our partisan corners and achieve nothing. >> reporter: taking a look at the stalled debate in washington and bay area reaction. >> >> reporter: the clock ticking and the president and congressional leaders met for less than 50 minutes. less time that congressman starks had fielding questions. >> it will be a game of political chick ton see who blings first. >> reporter: congressman starks
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said the government shutdown won't happen, the stakes are too high., talks to raise the debt ceiling broke down in dramatic fashion yesterday, the president saying time had run out, republicans blaming the president. >> there was an agreement until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >> reporter: some voters at the town hall meeting were skeptical a debt deal or anything can get done in washington. >> either they will reach a deal that is so minimal that the u.s. credit rating will drop. that's possible. or, they will not reach a deal. >> reporter: august 2nd is the deadline to reach the deal or the debt ceiling will default. >> you look around the room, if there is no negotiating --
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republicans said they would like to get a deal done by monday before the markets open, given the progress seen today, that would seem unlikely. in alameda ken pritchard, ktvu channel "2 news." 9 republican candidates have been chosen from the straw poll in the all important state of iowa. two potential candidates have been excluded. >> >> texas governor rick perry supporters -- expected -- sara palin was excluded. she's not expected to make a decision before late august. >> >> mitt romny and john huntsman will be in the straw poll, although neither of them have a significant campaign in iowa. >> >> democrats apparently have another sex scandal on their hands. an 18-year-old daughter of david woo has accused the congressman of an unwanted sexual encounter last november. woo admitted the incident but
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sold senior aides it was consensual. he was reportedly planning to meet with congressional leaders in washington to discuss the matter. house leader nancy pelosi refused to comment. woo is in the middle of a divorce and previously apologized for strange behavior, including sending the staff a picture of himself dressed in a tiger suit. >> >> bay area nurses gathered to fight for more pediatric care. keiser permanente is looking to move without a pediatric unit. this morning, nurses showed up to ask for support for the 00 knit and for their jobs. one nurse said without a pediatric unit, families will suffer. >> not having a unit in san leandro decreases -- very difficult for many of our
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families. >> reporter: nurses say they received report from congressman heath starks at today's meeting. >> >> california public utility commission is looking for someone to take over as safety director. the person tapped for the job will oversee a larger job of inspectors and have increased oversized power. the current direct will step down next month to take a job as an administrative law judge. >> >> more than 1,000 california firefighters tackling a wildfire outside of san diego. the blaze on the indian rosier vision has burned through 9,000- acres of thick brush. 30% contained. no homes or structures are threatened. flames broke out near a military shooting range that was the scene of a small fire earlier this year. >> >> it could last forever, skiers and snowboarders hit 1
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last time this summer. the sierra's season owe fix fictionally comes to an end, today, july 23rd. one of the latest dates resorts have stayed open. hundreds took advantage of the unseasonal snow pack. more than 60 feet of snow, making it 1 of the snowiest winters and springs since 1950. >> >> no ordinary parade, how this event marked a chemo meant in history. >> >> then, lear's something you would expect to see in california. somewhat unusual location where these wildfires are burning. > >> coming up, temperature change you can expect tomorrow and when 90-degree heat returns to our bay area forecast. .
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a parade in san jose -- 21
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years ago, the americans with disabilities act became law. members and supporters of the silicone valley independent living center marched along north 1st street to celebrate the milestone. legislation outlawed job, housing education against disabled people. >> former president clinton most important military advisors and an early advocate against don't ask don't tell has died. he served as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under president clinton. the retired general suffered a stroke in 2004 and died from complications at 75. president obama praised him as making america a safer and better place. late today, democratic house leader nancy pelosi said the general was a powerful advocate for men and women in uniform and their families and he spoke the truth against the
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discriminating don't ask don't tell policy. >> >> in in news of the world, renewed demonstrations in egypt turned violent. the march to cairo's defense ministry erupted into chaos with 200 protesters injured. soldiers blocked access to the ministry. demonstrators demanding those accused of killing protesters in february be brought to justice. >> >> canadian firefighters hoping for a break from a fire season that has consumed more than a million acres. more than 100 fires burning in the northwestern part of ontario. 3600 people evacuated. weeks of drought fueled the fires, forecasters are now predicting cool damp weather to give some relief during the next few days. >> >> green peace protesters in france took off clothes to make a point. members of the group stripped
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in front of the paris nike store to protest river pollution. part of a global detox campaign that took place in 29 cities simultaneously. green peace said a year long investigation into toxic water pollution in china found links to a number of major clothing brands. >> >> a birthday party in texas became a nightmare when a man opened fire. a family was hosting the private polo inside of a roller rink in grand prairie, near dallas, when the shooting -- after killing 5 people and injuring 4 others, the man turned the gun on himself. investigators have not released any names. >> >> a hospital that served presidents and thousands of the nation's military wounded is about to close. walter reid army medical center will hold a farewell ceremony
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next week and shut down for good in mid-september. the facety is for than a century old. in 2007, the hop was found to have substandard conditions. a new hospital in bethesda maryland will take the parents and will be named after physician walter reid. >> they went in for ice cream, but hoped for much more than that. brazen crime and how customers stepped in. >> >> take out the trash and put it back. a unique proposal from a north bay city that could prove costly for its residents, .
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it started as a trip to buy some ice cream and ended with gunfire at a busy cafe. robbers were going after something many customers were
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using. >> reporter: it's been an oakland staple for 35 years. day by day, 1 by 1, customers swing into it little place called gaylord's cafe >> hard work, good employee. >> reporter: gaylord's did not start as a coffee shop. it began as an ice cream shop. last night, a couple of guys went inside, ordered ice cream, went outside and ate it and came back in, they were not looking for more ice cream, they were looking for laptops. >> reporter: this employee came to see the suspects ripping off laptops. as thieves tried to get away, gunfire outside of the front door. >> i don't know how many of our customers tried to stop them,
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but as they did, 1 of the robbers turned around and shot 1 of the customers in the leg. >> reporter: police say the 4 suspects, no description were nowhere to be found. >> i have lived in the bay area for 14 years and i have never been close to anything like this happening. >> reporter: laptops along piedmont avenue occurred more so this year. >> where there is money, people will seek it out. >> reporter: russell brown said that's just the way it is. >> union city police tonight have identified 2 men involved in thursday's shootout with police. 18-year-old -- facing attempted murder charges after allegedly shooting at police. they responded to darlene way to investigate a burglary. 19-year-old christopher was found hiding nearby and issuspects of also being involved in the home invasion
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robbery. >> reporter: city leaders say pay cuts are necessary to close a $1.7 million budget deficit. the city is calling on the 26 member fire department to take a 7 percent cut in pay and benefits. firefighters have agreed to some concessions but fall short of the $266,000 in cuts the city is asking for. >> >> oracle's $6 billion lawsuit against google over the an droid phone system has been tossed out by a federal judge. the judge ruled yesterday that oracle overreached in its damage claim. the company claims google infringinged on patents owned by oracle. the judge said oracle and google failed to make their case. it appears californians are still struggling from the recession. a new l.a.
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times usc poll shows californians are cutting back to try to save money. the report shows 37% cut back on household expenses like groceries and gasoline. 52% sacrificed luxuries like dining out and going to concerts. the poll found 31% of californians put off buy agnew home and 50% set aside investing in home improvements. >> >> a north bay city wants residents to kick their garbage cans away from the curve. santa rosa is considering $100 fines on residents who leave out their garbage bins too long. city officials say the law is needed because of numerous complaints. they add homeowners would likely receive a letter before any fines would be imposed >> candlelight has inspired a fund raiser in san francisco.
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low does balloon design store at hayes valley raised $1,000 for the village of hope orphanage in vietnam from the sale of unusual candles. this cancer survivor said she was undergoing chemotherapy when she discovered the beautiful effect of this. she raised mother than $600 thousand for charity, most of it going to cancer causes. >> >> some of the east bay's top chefs battled it out in the kitchen, all for a good cause. east bay food fight was held this evening. spectators enjoyed watching live culinary competitions and cooking demonstrations and even got to sample some of the chef's creations. proceeds from today's event go to saint vincent depaul kitchen of champion culinary training program. >> >> a new library is under construction in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. the library is being funded by
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a private fund-raising campaign. plans call for separate areas for teens and adults. the new library is set to open sometime next year. >> >> an unusual stunt help as good cause. >> >> pretty good start to the weekend. it is the weather, but it will change. our meteorologist tells us what is going to happen, next. .
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the fog really cooling off the bay area past 2 or 3 days. still a big factor in our forecast.
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you can see is showing up nicely on the weather maps. as we come in tighter. insceneing overcast toward santa rosa, the airport reporting mostly cloudy skies. oakland reporting partly cloudy skies san francisco, there you go, mostly cloudy conditions and possibly some drizzle showing up as well. this was the scene, today, looking out toward alcatraz, barely picking it out because of the clouds in the distance. -- fog in the distance. part of our forecast, tonight tonight, we do have increasing la jolla clouds, tomorrow, we'll stick with that theme. extended forecast, a bump in the numbers showing up on the weather map. overnight lows, tomorrow morning, 50s with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, san francisco 53, san jose, 54, tomorrow, after the overcast, just a little warmer, about 2 to 4 degrees from today's
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highs, you see the winds picking up as well, southwest around 20 to possibly 25-miles an hour. as we do take this into monday and especially tuesday, the cooler weather system moves from the north, deepening the marine layer. tuesday will be the coolest day of the upcupping workweek with a bounce in the numbers beyond tuesday. >> >> here's our forecast model, showing you some of the overcast first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00, will you see widespread the cloud cover out there as we put this into motion, still stub born clouds for the coast and san francisco around the bay and into the afternoon hours, event actual temperature range, brighter colors reflect the 70s and 80s showing up in the interior neighborhoods. tomorrow's forecast, beginning at 7:00, low clouds, 50-55 degrees. by 12:00, sun cloud mix and still coastal fog by 4:00. 60-85 degrees. here's a look at the numbers. a few 80s out there.
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clear lake, sonoma and fairfield, oakland, 69, livermore, 85 degrees. freemont in the upper 70s. san jose at 80, san francisco on the cooler side, only in the mid-60s, here is a look ahead at the five-day forecast. into monday, temperatures cooling off, tuesday, warmest locations around the upper 70s to 80s and we gradually warm things up for wednesday and thursday. while the rest of the nation continues to heat up, we have the fog, completely different here with 60s, 70s and a few 80s. >> >> thanks, mark. >> >> the top of the grand hyatt hotel, the scene of an unusual stunt, to day. this heart stopping video of people repelling off the top of san francisco hotel was an fund- raising event for the special olympics. yesterday, we showed you some of the first people to repell down the side of the 36 story building for a total of 80
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people taking part in the 2 day event. those who went over the side had to raise at least $1,000 for the special olympics, including our own john -- . up next, the a's try to snap their losing streak. and the giants look to end their 2 game skid as they face the brewers, "sports wrap" is coming up, next. .
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>> good evening, everyone, welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. one of the great stories has
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been pitcher ryan vogelson. against milwaukee brewers. he and randy wolf, scoreless battle. not coming back. over number 19 of the year. one-0 game. both teams were critical, umpire sam holbrooke, issuing a warning to the giants coach, saying something he didn't like and got tossed. still in the 4th. giants keep it close. mcgee, single to left. tony ross has a good arm which rickey weeks finds out as he it thrown out of the plate. jeff stewart gets a tag on the upper body before he get -- game stayed 1-0, an important moment because in the bottom of the 4th, with the bases loaded. giants had the lead.


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